AquaCyprus-2014 also includes parallel and poster sessions. The following is a list of the sessions open for submission of abstracts. When considering submission of your abstract, please select the session most suited to your contribution

AquaCyprus-2014 encourages the submission of high quality oral and poster presentations. We strongly encourage authors to consider both presentation options, as poster sessions are an integral part of the programme. Papers submitted for “oral presentations only” may not be accepted as oral presentations due to the limited number of available time slots. All abstracts must be in English – the official language of the conference.

Each oral presenter will be entitled to no more than 15 minutes for a presentation, plus 5 minutes for questions. Oral presentations should use Power Point. Overhead and slide projectors and video players will not be available.

All presenters are required to pay their own registration, accommodation and travel expenses. Girne American University can not subsidize registration fees, travel or hotel costs. A compilation on CD or USB will be provided to registered delegates.

Topics covered at the symposium will include the following:

Freshwater and Marine Sciences

In the growing World, the importance of freshwater or marine areas and their resources are becoming more prominent nowadays. The challenge lies in arriving at enduring solutions to the complex problems facing freshwater or marine areas, indispensable for future of human life.

Marine Technology

The Ocean Environment is serving the world’s increasing population not only as a source for food supply, but also as an energy source and development of transport routes. Sustainable usage of the ocean environment, a challenging task facing human kind, can be achieved by understanding the present condition of marine resources and successful application of innovative technology for the marine industry. Advances in marine related technology, supporting the development of high-tech industries will be discussed and overviewed for the sustainable development of economy and society in the World.

Fisheries & Aquaculture

The estimated global population of 9 billion people by 2050, arises many questions on food and nutritional security. The growing aquaculture industry is a strong candidate for the high quality food supply for human needs worldwide. This can be accived only with a sustainable growth plan for the future of aquaculture industry. AquaCyprus 2014 will serve as an important platform to contribute for crucial discussions on present state and challenges and opportunities of the aquaculture industry in the future.

Aquatic Ecology

All aspects on Aquatic ecology, such as marine pollution, global warming, and marine nature reserves will be discussed, with special emphasis of Human impact on the marine environment.


Oceanography is a one huge multi-disciplinary field that combines different sciences towards the understanding of Mother Nature. It blends fields such as, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, geology, hydrology, climatology and meteorology. In other words it combines the four main topics mentioned above for a better understanding of the systems involved within them; which includes the seas and the atmosphere that surrounds us. All kinds of works that will link and/or help these topics, for a better understanding of the general frame, are welcomed.
Symposium Date
15-16-17 May 2014
Abstract Deadline
15th April 2014
Notification of Acceptance
5th April 2014
Early Registration Deadline
15th April 2014